Underscore shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + _) not working

• Oct 27, 2017 - 12:04


The shortcut for a real underscore -- ' Ctrl + Shift + _ ' -- is generating a box with a question mark, indicating that musescore doesn't recognise it on my computer. Has anyone else had this problem?

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A font text problem installed on the machine?
Version / revision of MuseScore you are using (eg version 2.1)
Operating system being used (eg Windows 7, macOS 10.12 or Ubuntu 14.04)
Here, on Windows _ = Shift + _


Check: Edit/Preferences.../Shortcuts

I've never tried to enter a normal _ into lyrics before, but I see the same thing happens to me. Windows 10, MuseScore 2.1, QWERTY keyboard. The problem occurs when you press ctrl-shift-_ to get a real underline. If you press shift+_ you get a continuation line that can be extended to several notes and cannot be entered into the middle of a lyric.

Could indeed be a shortcut conflict of some kind, due to underscore already requiring Shift to access on some keyboards (most US QWERTY ones, probably). Meanwhile, you can enter the underscore via the F2 special characters palette. Go to Unicode / Basic Latin.

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Even using right shift it still doesn't work. American Windows keyboards require you to press shift+- to get an _ which is the command to enter a melisma. Since I don't know your keyboard, - and _ are on the same key like 2 and @ on American QWERTY keyboards.

ctrl+shift+- to insert the _ character makes sense, but it doesn't work.

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It's not a customizable shortcut. Nor are some of the other sequences like Ctrl+Shift+p for the dynamics "p", etc. Probably they should be. Not sure how complicated that would be. My experience is that most things about text input are more complex than one would hope, I guess because of all the special handling we do for things like underscore, Space, etc.

Anyhow, whether it's a customizable shortcut or not, I'm still guessing somehow it's about a conflict, some keyboards sending different code for this keystroke than we are expecting. Doesn't work on my keyboard either. Might on one where you can generate underscore without needing Shift, though?

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Maybe, but I would not trust such a trial-and-error approach here, since these sorts of details is apparently system-dependent anyhow. Even if that happens to work and not break something on one system, hard to say without understanding better what effect it would have on another. If nothing else, we'd want to check on Mac since that is where the original issue appeared.

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