Vienna Symphonic Library

• Oct 28, 2017 - 16:37

Does anyone use / have experience with this sound library? I'm thinking of purchasing a package, and would like to know how it works (or doesn't work) with Musescore. Thank you for any information.


I have a lot experience with VSL.

It won't work with musescore. There is only one way to get it to work with Musescore (that I know of). Musescore only uses SFZ (soundfonts) and Vienna is probably going to be in a wav, nki, or whatever the other format they use is. Unless you're planning on uncompressing the wav files and making a custom soundfont (which is a pain in the butt) you can't use them on musescore (it is also illegal... so...). If someone hypothetically wanted to... perhaps... uncompress the VSL files, you would be spending weeks most likely making a soundfont. Sorry, I was in the same situation.

Maybe some brilliant programmer will come out with some way to do it (maybe in MS3).

If you're just going to buy the pack only to use it on musescore, don't buy it, huge waste of money (since you can't do anything with it... yet). If you are wanting to use it for composing on Logic, Cubase, FL ect., buy it! Any VSL pack is wonderful.

-Thanks Mate ;)

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Hi Kelby,

I purchased VSL SYNCHRONized Special edition and used it in Logic Pro. I was very disappointed, as it was an incredible work to get especially the strings to sound only a little human like and I failed. How do you use it, do you play and record the instruments or do you load a midi score in your DAW and adjust the dynamic envelope and use key switches to load the appropriate samples / playing techniques?

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Hey NilsFrederking,

I don't have any personal experience with the VST you're using, so I can't really give you any tips on working with that specific pack. Learning how to use virtual instruments effectively requires a lot of experience and knowledge with your instrument. I can say that directly dropping a MIDI file into Logic is not a great way to make something sound good. I always input notes manually.

Again, I can't tell you anything technical about your VST/ how to use it. The internet is sure to have bountiful info on how to use your VST. I found some videos on YouTube on it, so I'd recommend there to start.

--Here are some videos I found--
Beginner Tutorial:
Strings Tutorial:
Woodwinds Tutorial:
Plucked Instruments Tutorial:

Good Luck!

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Thanks! Yes, the internet is full of videos about the topic and I watched a lot of them (also the ones you posted). The thing is, I do not want to spend more time with creating a sound file of a piece than with composing it. My impression was that Noteperformer is quite good at making it sound relatively realistic and that nearly in real time (1 second delay, as far as I remember). A combination of the approach of Noteperformer with VSL might be an excellent solution for the future, or VSL developing something similar.

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