1.3 crashes when editing parties from a score

• Jun 12, 2014 - 16:19

From a score (8 differents instrument) i succeeded editing two parties and after musescore 1.3 crashes and even after reinstallation of the program i cannot edit a new part from this score !
I'm using Windows 8.1
I have not lost the score and already existing parties but each time I want to isolate a new instrument from the score musescore 1.3 crashes


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I don't use parts, but I believe you only need _1_ ending line, so remove all the "1" and "2" endings and only attach them to the top part of the score. They will extract to all parts.

You do have a lot of other layout things that should be fixed. Some (most?) chord names are entered as text, some as entire text lines for two measures, the Tempo marking is hooked to measure 3 and not 1...

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Here's what I noticed:
If you look at measure 48, you'll see that the two T. Sax. parts have different placements of the first ending volta. Also, there is no end repeat bar. (Should use first staff only?)
You show an end repeat bar at measure 149, and a second volta at measure 150???

When I delete all the voltas and repeats, I can create all seven parts with no crash.



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