Add rest to TAB ?

• Oct 30, 2017 - 21:34

I found how to do it, in the handbook, but it wont work on my Mac. It just leaves a blank space. I'm using the semicolon to input the rest.

NOTE: I am typing up just a TAB, no score. Perhaps that is the problem?

Here follows what the handbook says:

To enter notes into tablature from the computer keyboard:

First, ensure that you are not in note-input mode. Select the measure or existing note from which you want to begin note entry.
Switch to note input mode (N): a short 'blue rectangle' appears around one tablature string: this is the current string.
Select the duration of the note or rest that you wish to enter (see below).
Press the up/down arrow keys to move the cursor to the desired string. Use the left/right arrow keys to navigate through the score.
Press 0 to 9 to enter a fret mark from 0 to 9 on the current string; to enter numbers with several digits press each digit in sequence. Keys A to K (skipping I) can also be used: convenient when working in French tablature. For L , M, N, use the alphanumeric keyboard and type respectively 10, 11, 12.

Note: You cannot enter a number higher than the "Number of frets" value set in the Edit String Data dialog.

Press ; (semicolon) to enter a rest of the selected duration.

So I get to the input of the semicolon but that just moves the blue box one step to the right. If I type a "0" instead of the ";" I get an open string code of "0" on the string I'm on.


Right click on the tab->staff properties...->Advanced style properties...->note values and selecting "show rests" should work.

Or, go to Edit / Instruments and change to one of the other staff types that does include rests. There are multiple ways of notating tab. MuseScore provides three styles it calls Basic, Common, and Full, which different in dozens of different details. So you can take the current style and adjust one or more of those details (what the previous suggestion does), or change to one of the other major styles. It's possible if you like seeing rests, you might also like seeing stems, for instance, and might find the Full style more to your liking. Worth experimenting with.

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