Tranposed Staffs (like for transposed Instuments) are not played correctly in new Versions of Muse Score 2.0 Beta

• Jun 16, 2014 - 00:20

I loaded an XML file created with Finale in Muse Score 2.0 Beta. Within the older Version of Muse Score 2.0 (and the actual stable Version 1.3) they are played correctly. Wen I load the XML's (and the .MSCZ-Files created with Muse Score 1.3) and play them with the most recent Version of Muse Score 2.0
, the transposed Instuments (Clarinet B in my case) the transposing voices are not played transposed.
Sorry abought my english



Can you post a sample file and steps to reproduce?

Although I think you are right that in general, MusicXML import has not been updated to use the new transposition mechanism implemented for the development builds a few months ago.

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Hallo Marc,
here is a sample file. Just load it and play it. It seems that there are other bugs to found:
1. Just go into the Menu =>Notes=>Concert Pitch and see what will happen..
2. right klick into the clarinet staff, chose Staff Properties and try to change 'Play transposition'
and play the track again. Nothing will have been changed.
3. Play around a little as described in point 1. and point 2.
Afterwards hit CTL+Z to go back as much as its possible.
Sometimes the staff has changed than. Is difficult to make an exact step-by step howto.
I will try and post it later if you need.

Thank you


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