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• Sep 5, 2009 - 14:59
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I was wondering if it would be possible to add a feature where you can open a scanned photo of music and have the software read it into music notation. I realize that it would have many errors as computers reading text into print form is not well developed, but it would be more time efficient to scan the work I have and to edit it than to have to re-enter an entire piece. I know there is software out there that does this (i.e. SharpEye), but the user interface and changing notation is difficult on that software and it does do all that I need.


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Adding an OMR (optical music recognition) feature lays not within the scope of MuseScore for the moment. There is already an open source project dedicated to this which you can find at https://audiveris.dev.java.net/ I guess the developers can use any help.

See this page for documentation about Audiveris:


See also the OpenOMR project which is pre-alpha and at a very early stage of development:


There is very little documentation or support as yet but the program download directory contains an MSc dissertation in pdf format that reviews commercial OMR software and discusses the difficulties facing OMR developers. It is quite a technical document.