Why do other people's instruments sound better than mine?

• Nov 8, 2017 - 23:06

I've noticed that especially the strings instruments in others' scores sound a lot better than mine. Does upgrading to pro give you better instruments, or am I just missing something in the mixer?


There is no difference in audio quality on musescore.com between PRO and free accounts. Both can have multiple and different audio sources. The only difference is that as a PRO user you can set one of those different audio sources as the default audio.

A way to get that better playback sound is using Soundfonts (as Shoichi linked). If you create your score using soundfonts different from the default and you have told MuseScore where to find the LAME library allowing it to export to mp3, then it will offer you to upload your local audio alongside your score when using the 'Save online' feature.

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