How do I burn .mscz scores to a music CD to play on a standard CD player (e.g. in my car)?

• Nov 24, 2017 - 11:30

I suspect that I need to export the .mscz score to some other format first but I do not know which one. Can anyone help please?


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Agree - my current car will only play ordinary CDs but it will read SD card data to its internal hard drice, My previous car would directly read CDs with mp3 files which meant you could get about 6 CDs onto 1 CD and, since it had a physical 6-CD autochanger- that meant I could have 30+ CDs of music at my disposal. My son's car has USB ports, audio line-in etc. and will handle memory sticks with mp3 files so he could theoretically have access to about 20000 tunes on a 128GB memory stick.

So, the answer is WAV files and burn to CD for ordinary playback or mp3 files for devices capable ofplaying back those.

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