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• Nov 27, 2017 - 22:02

I feel like this should be purchasable. I really hate buying time limited things and honestly this is the only thing holding me back from upgrading (I'm on the trial now). I did a little search and didn't find any other threads discussing thing so I thought I'd raise the option. Obviously the developers will choose their pricing on such an account but if I could choose between a down payment of, say, $100 for a permanent Pro Account instead of paying $49 and having it run out after two years I'd be much more keen on paying for a service like this. I really like MuseScore and actually want to pay for it!


I think it might be possible to pay for a few years of MuseScore Pro in advance, but I'm not sure.

Since a year of MuseScore Pro costs $49, a permanent Pro account, if such a thing were ever to exist, would probably cost quite a bit more than $100. ;)

I have no problem paying for software. I don't buy subscriptions to software. I'm retired with a limited income. I only use the software to help me choir and singing my part. Unfortunately most choir music goes much further than 25 or so measures. Your home page has a logo that shows no money required (free) and it says no limitations. Having a limit of 25 measures does not qualify as no limitations. Your home page is deceiving. As I say I don't mind paying something for the software but I will NOT do a subscription. Of the software that I've tested I would place Musescore at the top because of the ease of use. I find it very user friendly and for that I place the software at the top, not in the top range of notation software. The software need to be made available for a one time purchase if desired. That purchase would include patches for bug fixes and not upgrades that add new features. One of the notation software (I had purchased) sends of upgrades under the guise of being a patch. In reality it is an upgrade, it changes your pro license to a trail. I've jumped on them several times about that. That is the very reason I'm looking for new notation software.

Thanks for the quality I find in the software, just do something about those issues I've mentioned.
Again Thank, Ken

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The solid bars or lines that appears after measure 25 on a piece I was working on through me a little bit, especially when the number of measure appended showed up. I loaded the piece I was working on and added 6 more measures with some random notes and it all worked find. So to you all I give my sincerest apologies.

I still thank you for the work your doing and when I get over Christmas expenses (2 vehicles breaking down during travel) I will work in some donations to the works. Thanks

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To clarify further:

You are confusing two different things. "MuseScore" is completely free software that you install on your computer. It is always completely free; there is no paid version of the software. This software has no limitations regarding length of score, number of instruments, or anything of the sort. If you are having trouble learning how to add measures to your score, feel free to ask for help here, and people will (again, completely for free) offer to help.

Separate from the free MuseScore software is the score sharing web site This site allows you to save scores online and share them with others, much like one can do with YouTube for video. You do not need to use that site in order to take full advantage of MuseScore - it is there just to help you share scores, if you so choose. If you do decide to take advantage of this score sharing service, then there are indeed two different levels: a free one that limits you to sharing 5 scores at once, and a Pro level that removes that restriction and provides other advantages.

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