PRO pricing?

• Nov 28, 2017 - 04:59

There's no clear indicator of the pricing of the pro upgrade. I'm kind of afraid to click on the "try for free" button myself, since I don't know what will happen if i accidentally activate the pro trial. Does anyone know for sure what the rate is for pro? And a link would be nice.


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My thought too. In the past I've downloaded a handful of scores per year. I end up using maybe 1-2 of them for the local homeschool strings group I teach. I'm a volunteer - I don't get paid for teaching, and our budget for expenses is teeny-tiny. I can't justify $49 per year for that usage. :-(

@DaforLynx... You wrote: I'm kind of afraid to click on the "try for free" button myself, since I don't know what will happen ...
Click it, and what happens is that you will see the price... ;-)


it's true that pricing is not very clear ; as I wanted to buy from France, I wanted to know final price in euros, and if some taxes like VAT applied, and so on.
I tried to get some information from Musescore support, but after several emails (the first being answered by a stupid machine) , I was told that :
"To learn the exact price, please, click on 'Try for free' or 'Start Free Trial', as prices vary depending on the currency. You can opt for either a monthly or a yearly subscription. If you choose a subscription with a trial period, youll be charged when the trial is over. The subscription auto-renews every month or year depending on the payment plan you choose. "
Following email ("what about taxes ?) : "we don
t charge any fees. Sometimes transaction fees are made by the bank. So you`d betted consul it. "
Two things to know :
- when you click on 'Try for free' or 'Start Free Trial', you have to create an account to know the price, which is impossible to get elsewhere. Would money still be taboo ? (oh no, too stupid for Musescore guys :-)
- after account creation, there is only one currency : king $ !
Now, for the good news (Feb. 2020) : as I wanted to pay once at yearly subscription time, I didn't choose 3 months trial (the choice is not very clear but look and you'll find), and price was 29,99$ instead of 49,99. And I saw on my french Credit Mutuel bank statement that my final price was 27€ : I had my response ! No VAT (is this a really good new for European tax authorities ?) and no bank fee this time.

Other thing : if you are wondering if it's worth it : YES ! hundred times yes ; when you see how precious the score are for understanding, training and editing music, of course, PRO account is the logic tool to get the most of Musescore software, and if I well understood, a just way to contribute for musicians rights, but I would like to know precisely about real fees allocation by the company, since "Musescore works closely with copyright holders" and the quasi-obligation of a PRO account is justified by copyright protection.

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I'll throw my opinion in here as well (since nobody asked). It is really frustrating when companies won't show you the pricing up front, but instead want you to start some free trial before you can know how much it'll cost. And no, does not show the price. At least not in a web browser on a PC.

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