New Features for Musescore 3

Hi, I am wondering about possibly some more features for musescore 3. Just making it a lot more powerful, and also adding a good amout more of theory options and playback options. Here are some ideas below:

Runs: musescore as far as I know, cannot support runs, like in many works by Chopin and other composers I am aware of. It would be critical to have this feature for Openscore transcriptions.

Sharped/flat Trills: I was recently transcribing a concerto for violin by Kabalevsky, and He used sharped and flat trills. I was not able to transcribe it completely accurately because of this. Basically it looks like a trill but either a sharp or a flat sign above it, and it shows you whether to play the trill at a half, or whole step interval for instance in places where a normal trill would only have you do one of them, this is more of an override.

Editing beamed Notes: In that same concerto, it was in 3/4 time, but it acted almost in 6/8 or in 1. Because of this, Kabalevsky a lot of times, grouped the eighth notes in groups of 6, instead of two as they normally are.

Triplets: Right now a triplet/tuplet is in a rather weird place. I normally use the keyboard shortcut cntrl 3, etc. for them, but it would also be nice to at least have one button in the regular note pallet on the top bar.

In other words, it would be nice to have a lot more freedom with everything.

For playback things there is an issue with trills, where after the trill, some instruments like violins, or flutes will play a note after the trill when you are using a different sound-font. Also it would be nice to be able to have slurs playable.

Speaking of Soundfonts: I think it is high time musescore got a really good sounfont. Something like HQ orchestral or even something better like mixing studio quality. Also I would like to have some more control with mixing, being able to change reverb, etc. in a score. the regular mixer does not do this very well.

I think all of these things would really boost you over softwares like finale and Sibelius In ways they could not even compete with you (while you certianly have the potential to do this you still do lack in some areas). And in general, just increasing ease of use.

I can't wait to see what musescore 3 has to offer. and thanks for making such a great software!


Sharped/flat Trills: are supported for notation if you use the trill line from the lines palette. Add the accidental to it from the accidentals palette (Shortcuts and the note tool bar won't add them). I use the trill line for accidentals even when there is not line, I just shorten the line so it's not visible. Playback is still not affected. I've heard playback for trills and slurs will be improved in 3.0.

Editing beamed Notes: You have a lot of leeway when using beams. If the default beaming is not to your liking, you can either adjust the beaming on a single line using or for all instruments by defining a new time signature (that still says as in your example 3/4) using… and apply the new time signature to the score.

Triplets: You have the freedom to redefine shortcuts any way you like. If you want to redefine the note entry as HULNJMP (a very unrealistic example for demonstration purposes only) you can. You can also add multiple shortcuts to an action. A German may want to add H to the note definition of B-natural (and keep the B shortcut) since that's what they call it.

I think you need to explain what you would expect MuseScore to do to automate runs. I can't think of how I would expect it to automate one.

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In regards to runs, there would be a run tool (how bout right clicking on a measure, and there could be a button called add run, or something like that), in which, each note entered would be a fraction of the given measure. or instance if there was only one note it would take up the measure, but if there was 35 or 60 or what ever, it each note would be valued 1/35 or 1/60 of a measure. For instance, if this is for a piano; lets say the right hand has the run, the left hand could play in regularly while the right hand was doing the run. It would also be nice to be able to edit when the left hand played in regards to the right hand. by right clicking on the left hand portion of a measure right below, there could be a button called "coordinate hands" or something like that. In which there would be a bar for each note that you could drag, to make it sync up and played with a note on the right hand.

And in terms of not having a specific tempo for runs, like in some of Mozart's cadenza in His Rondo, we can edit the speed already with the tempo button, and making it invisible.

Also I would like to add:

Playable crescendo's and decrescendos, and playable ritards and accelerandos so I do not have to do the manual tempo button.

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And while I can see how you can make a new time signature and do it that way, It seems rather unnecessary. It would be a whole lot easier to just be able to right click on the beam and select an edit option. Also, this wouldn't work because in the song I was transcribing, He would change it up literally measure after measure occasionally. It would just be easier to be able to edit it.

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