Wrong tone value

• Sep 8, 2009 - 14:10

MuseScore 0.9.5 R2012
WinXP Media Center V5.1 SP3

When entering notes for the piano accompaniment for a E flat alto sax, the tone assigned to the piano note is often almost an octave below what it should be.

The workaround: Save the music and reload. The tones will then (hopefully) be at their correct values.

In the example, four measures appear after the end of the music. Add whole notes in the second added measure like the notes at the first, starting with the upper note. The lower note will (likely?) have a tone about an octave lower than it should. Save the music, load the file and check the tone of the lower added note. It should now be at the correct value.

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Not related to your issue. Thanks for the report.
But nice sheet and nice tune!
A suggestion for the first measure. If you don't need the 4 beats, you can reduce it by right clicking on the measure -> Measure properties -> Change actual duration to 1 / 4. It might look better than having invisible rests.

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I tried to open this file in last trunk r2203, to check if I can reproduce the bug with http://www.musescore.org/en/node/2533 fixed.

It can't be open. There are a couple of rests with big durations: 65535, 106790016 etc...
Maybe we will need to add something in the code to deal with these 0.9.5. bugs in 0.9.6
Attached is a clean version made with a text editor.

I believe that the wrong tone bug is fixed

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