Changing clef for entire score

• Dec 5, 2017 - 16:45

I wrote a long score using treble and bass clefs. I want to convert the viola part to the viola clef. When I drag the viola clef symbol a measure right over the treble clef symbol, it only changes the clef on that page or it places the alto clef symbol at the end of a measure. How to I change the viola part for the entire score from treble to alto clef?


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Indeed, a clef change if only good up until the next existing clef change. So if your score started with bass and then changed to treble at bar 17, replacing the first bass with tenor would only affect bars 1-16 - bar 17 would still start with treble.

Could also be that you are actually looking at two different staves entirely, and use of "Hide empty staves" is fooling you into thinking you are looking at the same staff.

As mentioned, only way for us to do better than guess is to attach your score and steps to reproduce the problem.

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