Play voices from one stave separately

• Dec 8, 2017 - 11:52

I used one test file, using two voices on one stave, I would like to know if I could play them separately.
Your help will be appreciated.

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If you mean you want them still on the same staff, then you will need to select the voice you do not want to hear and silence it. Open the inspector (F8) and select the section of music, use the filter selector (F6) and remove the check from the voice you want to hear. In the inspector click the notes button. In the inspector remove the check from play. You will no longer hear that voice until you repeat this and check play again.

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Thanks for your reply mile 320, but I did not succeed,
This is how I tried.
I selected music, went to inspector, but I did not find a way to select music. So tried, first go to inspector, but then it says, "nothing selected" so I'm lost.
I did find the filter section and tried only Voice 1 or 2 but this made no difference, both voices were played.
Please could you try again?

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Right-click eg on a note in Voice1 -> Select -> More -> Same voice -> Ok
Then: in Inspector, untick "Playback"
So, only the Voice 2 will be played.
And for second case, do the reverse (select same voice 2) and untick Playback to hear Voice1

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When you select the section of music you want to listen to, select (click) the first measure or note, then use Shift+click on the last note (or measure) you want to silence. The inspector will then only have 3 buttons in it. When you click the note button you will get all of the note properties you can change.

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