How to put a single chord symbol in italic?

• Dec 10, 2017 - 20:03

How to put a single chord symbol in italic?
Changing the style put all of them in italic.


Click on it. (select)
in Inspector (F8 to toggle): Change "Chord Symbol" to "Dynamics". and adjust the position manually.

Horizontal offset: 3.0
Vertical offset: -7.2

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Chord symbols don't have these, because they are formatted on the fly based on MuseScore's understanding of the semantics of the chord symbol in question and your settings in Style / General / Chord Symbols. That is, the different characters within one single chord symbol might have different fonts, sizes, and positions by default, because of the how chord symbols are rendered (eg, superscripting of alterations in the Jazz style).

If you want one chord symbol - or a group of them - to have a different default style than the rest, MuseScore allows you to define custom text styles for this purpose. I often create an "alternate chord" style that is smaller and higher, for instance.

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