Inserting a pause (//) into the entire score

• Dec 12, 2017 - 20:24


Is there a way to include a pause (//) or railroad tracks into the entire score with one command, or do I have to go staff by staff?

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It works in selecting all the measures from top to bottom , but, if there are elements in cetains measures (notes or else) , this will write a pause before EACH element of each measure. You must select for exemple the same beat - time. If your measures are all empty, OK, after you move all the pauses.

You can also use TEXT SYSTEM, you can write it where you want above the first stave, you write "//" and you have it on each stave, but it does not works for the audio.

If it is possible to select only the last note in each instrument in a measure, you can do that and then double click the caesura on all staves at once. What I mean by if is this. Select the last note in the first staff, then shift+click the last note in the last staff. If only the last notes are selected in all staves this will work. If more than one note is blue from being selected, then all selected notes will have a caesura added. You will need to decide if it's easier to delete the extras, or insert them one at a time.

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