Trying to add a new page?

• Dec 19, 2017 - 17:26

I am trying to add a new page to a medley i am working on. But, when i add new measures they don't appear on a new page. And how do I add instruments after a page break? I try to add them using the instrument pallet, but they wont add to the new page.

I attached the file I am having the problem with.



To make a new page, use a page break in addition to the section break. This will force the succeeding measures onto a new page. As far as adding instruments are concerned, the way you have Hide Empty Staves set up, you can just add an instrument and it won't show up until you put notes in its staff. If you want to get rid of extra empty measures, select them and press ctrl+delete to get rid of them.

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One more thing I thought of. If you delete measures 387-395 the two measures on the last line will stretch out to fill that line. To fix this, remove the section break, insert a Horizontal Frame before the first measure of the next song. Select the frame and drag it until the two measures are an acceptable size, then make the the frame is selected and add the section and page breaks directly to the frame.

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