Creating ukulele fretboard diagrams before a song

• Dec 21, 2017 - 11:50


I'm arranging songs for rhythm ukulele and would like to learn how to list the chords as fretboard diagrams at the top of the piece, below the title. They would be independent from the bars.

The attached songbook shows what I mean, even though their chords are illustrated on the right of the page rather than at the top.

Thanks! I wanted to check if placing diagrams independently of bars is possible before learning about custom workspaces and palettes. Apologies if this has been already covered but I couldn't find a relevant thread.



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Thanks, Cadiz1. That has worked well. I have two further questions.

I am unable to add a chord diagram to the vertical frame which I've added above bar 1. Should dragging from the chords palette work? I can drag and attach the diagrams to rests and notes within the piece.

Uke chords - applying to vertical frame.JPG

Thanks again!


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