No sound in MuseSscore 2.1 with High Sierra

• Dec 26, 2017 - 21:07

I'd much appreciate some clues on how to make the sound work in Musescore 2.1 on Mac with High Sierra. It used to work fine with earlier versions (of Musescore? of OS X? - not sure). Symptoms: when I enter a note or when I try to play back an existing Musescore file I hear nothing. It looks like it's working - cursor moves etc - but no sound comes out. Everything is set to default, fresh install.

Clue: the metronome sound does work fine. It's just that I can't hear any of the notes.
I have "Core Audio" and "Built-in Output" selected (they came up as defaults).
Thanks for any assistance, I'm stumped!


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It works for most people, but there are a very small number of systems - most;ly Mac's - that for whatever reason have some sort of issue, whether an incompatibility with another program or what. If you read through the responses in that issue, you'll see some suggestions of things to try to help isolate the problem.

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Hi Mike,

  1. I was suspecting my app "SoundSource", which runs in the background and allows changing the output device from the menu bar. I've had it running on my Mac for at least 3-4 years and never had any issue but you never know. So I've disabled it.

  2. I installed the latest build of 2.2 as you kindly suggested.

Result: unfortunately, still no sound (except for the metronome, which still works fine).

I also checked that the synth is working properly by playing .MID files through RealPlayer. That works fine.
Dumb question but is there a volume control within Musescore that I've somehow overlooked?

Thanks for your help on this...

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Since you are not hearing the notes being entered, there is a volume control in the Synthesizer which can be brought up from the View menu. There is also one in the play panel (press F11 for it or use the View menu).

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I just thought of one other thing. Do any of your other scores make sound? If you tried in 2.2 with the same results there must be something else going on besides volume control.

It is also possible you did something with your system that cause MuseScore to stop making sound through the Synthesizer. The metronome does not use the synthesizer.

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  • Found the other volume controls thanks. They are set up correctly, nothing accidentally muted.
  • I downloaded the Brahms score, which presumably is "known-good", and it also it mute.
  • I can play .MID files with RealPlayer; and Garage Band works fine; i presume those use the synth?

Also, I just realized that I still have Musescore 1.3 installed so I just ran it and the sound works fine. It's configured the same way as my 2.1 - internal synth... core audio... built-in output. So 1.3 works in that configuration but 2.1 does not. And neither does 2.2. To make doubly sure of that I used the same file for all: the Reunion score.

I can't think of anything else that could be unusual in my system regarding sound and synth configuration. It's all plain vanilla, there's not much that Apple allows us do to mess it up!

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I'm the release manager for MacOS.

If you have metronome sound, then it's different from the problem reported at #234811: No sound on Mac and Windows, I/O's PortAudio API drop down menu empty so that you for your new issue at #267920: There is no sound on playback, nor on note entry. Since the metronome is working, it has nothing to do with Portaudio and the link to your sound system does work. It's probably the synth that doesn't work well.

Can you check that you see a soundfont in View > synthesizer. It should look like this and list FluidR3Mono_GM.sf2.
Capture d'écran 2017-12-27 10.13.41.png

If it doesn't, please let us know what you see in this dialog. Also please attach the file /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Preferences/org.musescore.MuseScore2.plist in a comment (you might need to zip it). Once it's done, go to Help > Revert to factory settings.

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Update: after "reset to factory defaults", the sound is restored. So the clue will be in the .plist. I don't recall changing any settings - it was pretty much a fresh install.

Also, I re-enabled the third party app SoundSource (selects output devices from the menu bar) - which was a suspect - and confirm that the sound does work even with SoundSource running.

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This fault has happened again. No audio. Last time reset to factory defaults cured it. however, there must still be a bug in there that is causing it to re-occur. Also, I've forgotten how to restore factory defaults so could someone please remind me? Thanks!
Note: this should be kept open as an issue because although the reset is a temporary workaround it isn't a solution because it causes all user settings to be wiped out. Thanks.

I'm having the same problem. Everything else works, including the metronome, but the notes are silent. Fresh install, default settings etc. I'm using Musescore version 2.1.0 and Mac OS 10.13.2. I'd be grateful of any help you can offer!

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