Cannot read file

• Dec 28, 2017 - 21:09

Earlier today I was editing a score, and after closing out of it and reopening it later, the file was unreadable. I tried to locate a backup, but the closest one to now was from four days ago. I've done a good 4+ hours of work on it since then. Is there anything I can do?


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The first one is unusable unfortunately. After the header it's full of nothing.

There appears to be a bug in MuseScore that makes this happen occasionally. Since no one knows how to make it happen it is impossible to track down the bug.

Perhaps if we gather some info from people who have this happen to them would help. I see this was created using Version 2.1 and Windows.

What version of windows did you use?
When you closed out of MuseScore did it offer to save the file or had you already done that?
Do you have autosave turned on in preferences? How often?

One last chance to recover a newer file would be to look for hidden files on your computer that were created during your last session. The ones to look for will start with random numbers and letters followed by .tmp

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