Problem translating certain strings on the website

• Jan 1, 2018 - 20:23

Some strings on the homepage don't retain their translation after I've clicked the blue tick mark. All of them has two words without a space between them.

Example: Vertaling.JPG

between music and notation there is a line break on the page itself.

I suspect that I should enter a "line break" character between the words, but I don't know where to find it. The "enter" key doesn't work. Am I missing something? What should I do?

PS Should I post similar posts about translation problems here in the support and bug report forum or in the translation forum in the future?


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Thank you for reporting this Louis. I didn't hit this issue myself, but I will try to reproduce in the coming days.

I moved your post to the translation forum.

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Thanks, now I understand, but still no joy for me. The top row of the six reasons "Why MuseScore?" doesn't want to translate, as well as other places where there are line breaks which are missing.

Interesting though that your string to be translated (the English string) also contains the "" tag. Mine doesn't, so it's a good bet that's the problem.

Thanks for trying to help, I think it has cleared the problem up somewhat for me.

@Shoichi, Thomas

Figured it out. I was clicking on the blue block (see screenshot) with a link reading "Translate page" in the lower right corner of the Afrikaans homepage ( to access the strings. That gives you an interface containing only the strings on the page you are currently on. In that interface this bug or fault is present.

When I went to this page, I found the string and translated it without problem. So there is some problem with the interface accessed via the blue block in the lower right corner of the page, but not at the main interface translation page. Hope this helps.


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@Louis, I would like to take advantage of your availability ...
Tell Thomas about the translation in Afrikaans of some forums title (eg Support and bug reports / General discussion / Made with MuseScore) to have them available on your page.
(excuse the impudence)

We found the root cause of this issue. A fix for it will be deployed on Monday next week. Thanks again for reporting.

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