preferences are not saved

• Jan 8, 2018 - 23:25

Can someone help me? With me (windows 10 PC) musescore does not store any preferences. For example, when I changed the directories for storing or the menu language: after closing and re-opening musescore, everything is like before again.
I tried to re-install musescore, but there was no effect.


Sounds like maybe there are permissions problems with your home folder. Is there anything unusual about your user configuration? How are you starting MuseScore - from a program icon, by double clicking a score in Explorer, etc?

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Normally I start from a program icon on the desktop, but I made this myself. It shows to musescore.exe in the "bin" folder. The only thing is that I installed musescore not to "c:" but to another harddisk (like all my programs).
As fas as I can see, the unser configuration is quite normal, especially the user folders were not changed.

Can you tell me where exactly the preferences should be saved (folder, files)?

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Sounds like MuseScore did not successfully close then. How were you exiting? Did you get any error messages on exit? Did you perchance reboot your computer unusually quickly after closing MuseScore? is the folder on a drive with write-through caching disabled? Did you check the permissions on the folders?

Still struggling to understand how that might be happening.

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