Remove velocity from midi keyboard input

• Jan 13, 2018 - 09:07

I want to totally remove velocity from my midi keyboard, mainly due to I only want to find the notes for my score with it.

I find this frustrating due to velocity doesn't work properly anyway! The velocity misses notes out when I don't press quite as hard as my keyboard wants me to............


If your keyboard is actually missing notes, i.e. the keyboard isn't triggering a note-on event when depressing the levers, then software tweaking won't resolve the issue. If its sending note-on events but of minimal velocity, before looking further do read your device's manual (often a pdf is available online) and see if there's a "Turn off/disable" velocity function. Often times there's an in-hardware ability to do so if there is a means to set velocity curves. If not, Musescore itself doesn't seem to provide a multiplier for velocity notes, but maybe someone else will chime in here.

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Thank you for the quick response, my keyboard doesn't have the luxury of switching from one to the other Velocity/no velocity........ I opted for a small midi to fit in my laptop bag, it doesn't have a lot of firmware options.

I was hoping that muse would offer the facility of velocity on/off. I like the way muse writes scores, so I will look for another program that will switch velocity off, I just want to punch out the notes in basic form, as this will let me to try out my scores before writing them, saving me time..

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