Sixteenth notes connected to dotted eighths look like eighth notes, beam doesn't change, and triplet beams connect to eighth notes

• Jan 13, 2018 - 16:54

When I connected a dotted eighth note to a sixteenth note, the sixteenth note displayed with the same single beam as an eighth note, rather than a double-beam. The last note in the picture below is actually a sixteenth note.

Also, when I used triplets and put eighth notes after them, their beams connected, as shown in the picture below.

Does anyone know how to fix any of these weird beam problems? Any help would be appreciated.

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"Also, when I used triplets and put eighth notes after them, their beams connected, as shown in the picture below."
I guess you are using a time signature kind 5/8 (or something like that ? your pic doesn't show the entire measure)
In this case, select the dotted eighth note and double-click on the first symbol in Beam properties palette.
Or, if preferred, or/and other similar cases in the score, redistribute the beaming of the note groupes in the Time signature properties (right-click on the time sig). See:
time sig.jpg

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Sure, I should've done that in the first place - but I'm not sure that it has to do with the time signature.
Later, I tried just putting a dotted eighth and a sixteenth together, and it displayed correctly.
I think it may be because the dotted eighth and sixteenth are both for some reason connected to the beam of the triplet.
Thanks for the link!

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The algorithm for breaking beams in the presence of triplets is designed to be "sort of" clever but can be fooled. Basically, it rounds down to sixteenth and breaks the beam where sixteenths would be broken. So if you set your sixteenths to break every beat (in the Time Signature properties), then the triplet will separate there as well.

But indeed, there is no reason I can think why sixteenths wouldn't display as such, and I can't make this fail in my own attempts. As mentioned, it is difficult to help given only a picture - we need you to attach the actual score.

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Actually, it's all fixed now. What I did was manually change the beams by using the "Beam Properties" and setting the dotted eighth as the start of a beam by dragging the icon to the note, and it detached from the triplets. Also, after I detached the dotted eighth from the triplets, the sixteenth displayed normally.

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Would still be useful for us to see the score though. If there truly was a sixteenth note that was not displaying correctly, that's a bug - one I've never seen or heard of before - and we'd love to be able to reproduce it so we can fix it. Seems there must be something very unique about your score that was triggering this bug, because nothing I have tried does anything but what it should.

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I tried to change it back such that the sixteenth note didn't display correctly, but for some reason it actually worked this time. I also made another score and tried to redo it, but it didn't work! My apologies for not posting the score before I fixed it, but I can tell you that all I did to fix it was use the "beam properties" to separate the triplets from the dotted eighth. Here's the fixed version:

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