STRANGE "Phantom beam"

• Jan 15, 2018 - 16:55

Also posted on Facebook: -- NEW STRANGENESS: Version 2.1.0 -- 1.) After using the "Beam Property" (just once) I notice that, in addition to the small change I made in one measure (1 beam for 3 single 1/8 notes), a "phantom beam" appeared about 4 measures away. It is not linked to any note. When I try to "X" it out, it turns blue as I select it but I can't delete it. It just sits above a staff. I'm not super-skilled but I've done a lot of notation. I've never seen this before. Any ideas? -- Oh, one other thing: 2.) When I select the "phantom beam" the beam that I had intentionally added (4 measures away) turns blue, as well. -- 3.) It seems related to the last 1/8-note in that measure I "beamed" because, if I delete that note, the phantom beam disappears. However, if I add back the 1/8-note, 4 measures away, a phantom beam reappears. 4.) I tried selecting the entire measure & deleting its contents, entirely. Phantom beam disappeared. Adding back 5 1/8-notes & all is well. BUT: Adding the 6th 1/8-note, the phantom beam reappears (4 measures away). Thanks! -- WAIT, I SOMEHOW CORRECTED IT. -- I decided to leave the last 1/8-note as a rest (no phantom beam) and continue. As soon as I began notating the next measure, the phantom beam disappeared. All is well. I'll leave this for those interested but I'm no longer in need of help. Thank you for reading this.


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