Note Input for Tablet with pen (like on paper)

• Jan 17, 2018 - 08:54

I would be very happy about a new way to enter notes with a pen on the tablet. The following idea:

As before with the mouse, I enter the notes with the pen on the tablet screen. The note length is determined by the duration of the touchdown or something else.

For example:
A 1/8 note lasts less than 0.5 seconds; a 1/4 note lasts 0.5-1sec .; longer than 1sec. is then a 1/2 note.
You could also use the keyboard to enter the note length, which is set by default for 1 second or similar. IF I choose for example a whole note, this will have the duration of 1 second, half a note takes 0.5-1sec; a quarter note then below 0.5sec. etc.
Or the drawn notes bars are recognized? (See link below)

With this type of note input, it would be very pleasant to enter notes quickly, only with a tablet (without keyboard and mouse or MIDI keyboard) everywhere. In addition, it would be possible to enter notes with the speed, as when writing notes on paper and also the same feeling.
In the future you could also think about drawing slurs and other symbols. An idea of how the whole thing could work might show (Just Windows) or

What do you think about? (I'm not a programmer/hacker, so I can not do it myself. Maybe someone else could do?)


Handwriting analysis is a very complex topic, so that's unlikely to happen without a huge influx of new programming resources dedicated to this topic (and based on my experiences with programs that implement it, I am skeptical, as it seems far less accurate and ultimate slower).

But the semi-real-time option already exists. Select "Real-time (automatic)" from the drop down next to the note input mode icon on the toolbar, open the Piano Keyboard window, then start note entry. The longer you click (or tap with pen if your prefer) a note on the keyboard, the longer the note value entered. You do need to first select the shortest note value you want to enter.

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