first ending format - more than 1 bar

• Jan 31, 2018 - 20:34

How do we format a first ending to be "open ended" ? Similar to the second ending in the green rectangle on screenshot attached.

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The line properties (right click the volta do not select volta properties) has a hook option that shows the vertical lines.

Actually; what you really want to do is: extend the first-ending to the repeat-barline :||

If first ending is already present:
1. Double-click on the first-ending,
2. select the rightmost box (which should already be selected)
3. and use shift + right arrow keys to move forward (each keystroke advances a measure.). // A red vertical line indicates which measure you are on.

or (delete the first-ending, and) :
Select the required measures up to the repeat-barline and double-click the first-ending symbol from the palette.

Notice: The open-end is usually used for the very last ending.

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