How to hide measures in individual parts?

• Feb 2, 2018 - 17:08

I marked some measures as invisible, and they are invisible in the partiture. However, they are still visible in the parts. How can I fix this?


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If I understand correctly, that would be a pretty clever attempt at solving the problem of one-sided ties - I've never heard of anyone trying to handle this problem that way before! But indeed, there are better ways. The link above gives a number of methods. I personally usually just use slurs, but I think most people probably ties to prefer invisible grace notes.

I'd like to bump this thread and see if there is any fresh perspective. I am also looking to hide measures in an individual part. Is there a way to do that in MuseScore?

The reason is that I am using alternating time signatures in a piece. MuseScore is not set up to manage alternating time signatures. This is fine when the instruments are playing - I think showing the signatures in each measure as they appear is actually more helpful here than would be the convention of not showing them. However, this becomes unacceptable when the part has large sections of rest - the page is cluttered with many measures of confusing, alternating empty measures. It's less helpful for the musicians than having two blank measures with a count above, and it just looks ugly.

So, ultimately, this is a suggestion for MuseScore to be able to manage alternating time signatures, but I'm wondering if I would still have the problem then, too.

And, just to add, merging the measures into a single time signature of longer duration is not an option. Alternating time signatures is an appropriate way to compose, going back centuries, and is what works best for this particular piece of music. (Sorry to get preemptively defesnive, but I've seen this come up before and want to nip it in the bud.)


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The only way of doing what you want that I can think of is to put the part into it's own file and remove the time signatures that you want to get rid of. Unfortunately it's probably easiest to simply enter those sections again since removing a time signature resets the measure to match the last time signature encountered and may also end with a different measure count. It also means the part will not automatically update when you change the score.

I'm not aware of a way to make parts have different time signatures than the main score. What you are ultimately asking for is to allow the part to ignore the main score when it comes to time signature. I'm not even sure that's a good idea. As an alternative, suppressing all time signatures in only a section might would work, but their existence (though invisible) will currently cause multi-measure rests to be broken. Version 3.3 will have more control over what is displayed in a group of measures. That is, you will be able to apply part properties to a section of music which is not currently possible. I don't have time to test this at the moment, but perhaps later I will or someone else can see if hiding time signatures after an instrument change will allow multi-measure rests be created.

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