how to see the name of the note I just entered or perhaps am about to enter

• Feb 3, 2018 - 14:42

When I'm working on a funny clef (such as for the viola) I'd love if the status bar told me somewhere what note I'm pointing at in some fashion, e.g., after entering a note it should tell me Eb if that's the note I just created. I'm open to any sort of on-the-fly feedback. Isn't this already a musescore feature?


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To be clear: the status bar is on by default. You may have inadvertently turned it off, or it might be hiding off-screen if you've moved your window too low. Also very occasionally the View menu gets out of sync with the actual state of the status bar, showing it as enabled when it isn't or vice versa. Still, toggling it should work, and in any case all should be well after a restart.

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