Copy/paste don't work properly

• Feb 4, 2018 - 11:09

This is a continuation, sort of, from my previous question . I use MS 2.1 windows 7.

In the attached score I want to copy the lyrics from measure 20 -23 in Tenor1 to Tenor2. I did as I was learned in the previous node, which has worked all since then, by selecting a range of measures, clicked on a sylable and selected within range. When I then schould paste it into T2 and up came an previous copy. I tried a couple of times with the same result, so I turned off and hit the sack.
This morning I tried again and now it worked, but when I looked closer I saw that the notes where also from T1. After undoing and trying a couple of times with the same result I tried in an other part of the song and this time the new copy appeared, but also now the notes changed to T1.
What is wrong? Is it me? Is it MS? Is it Windows?

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I don't know, in which forum topic I'll find this illustration.

But try these steps again:

  • select in Tenor 1 with mouse click measure 20
  • select with shift + mouse click measure 23
  • right click on the lyrics, select->all similar elements in range selection (important: don't leave the range selection with a left mouse click or similar during this step)
  • copy
  • select the first note of Tenor 2 in measure 20
  • paste

result: the lyrics will be copied without changing the notes

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