Text to voice

• Feb 7, 2018 - 11:12

I'm thinking how cool it would be if there were Text to Voice functionality for the lyrics in my choral pieces. Is there anything in the market that Musescore could support? Apologies if the developers are throwing themselves out of the windows ....


You've just got to look at this again guys. Virtual Singer is pretty good - imports .xml files and turns the lyrics into a Stephen Hawking type voice - and exports them as MPEG files. It's quite flexible and you can change the voices a little - usually to make them sound worse. You have to buy either Myriads Harmony Assistant or Melody Assistant (50 euros) and the VS (20 Euros) both are one off charges - I think. VS is a plug-in for either of these applications. I just know that Musescore would make such a better job of this - please re-consider.

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