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• Feb 9, 2018 - 23:32

MS attempts to connect to every time it starts up. Is this a known update server for MS?


It's not an update server. Instead we use both Google Analytics and Yandex Analytics in the start center for tracking the usage of MuseScore. It gives us insight in the daily amount of users, how many people are still using old MuseScore versions and on which platforms. You can block out this tracker by disabling the Start Center window

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How can you block and influence locally, by disabling the start center on local MS, what seems to be going on online? Indeed everytime a score opens '' is placed before it.
I have shut off the start center for a long time already, but that does not have any effect on the link of Yandex that is placed in front. I want to know what is going on because I get questions about it, people not trusting it. They are worried that their traces on the internet are being followed by Yandex. I really dislike that these things are starting to take place, without any notice to the end user.

I noted today that I was getting CORS errors from my dev server trying to connect to
(here it is, decoded)
Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at…{"login":1}&browser-info=ti:10:ns:1538564788145:s:1680x1050x24:sk:1:ifr:1:sti:0:adb:1:f:,167,460,0,0,0,0,501,10,,,,1229:wn:7805:hl:5:gdpr:14:v:1227:rqnl:1:st:1538564790:u:1534217000670665298:t:Adiemus sheet music for Flute, Piano download free in PDF or MIDI. (Reason: CORS request did not succeed).[Learn More]

I confirmed it wasn't anything I was doing by placing a musescore embed link into a plain html file, and getting the same errors.

I would prefer not to have this happening, but is there anything I can do.

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