Musescore crashes on reading back a selected stave it just saved

• Feb 10, 2018 - 09:52

I saved the first line of the treble II part of AscendoAdPatrem.mscz as MultipleRest.mscz and Musescore crashes every time I try to read it back. I was doing this in the hope of finding out how to shorted the multi-bar rest at the beginning of the part - changing the stretch doesn't work.

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There is a pickup measure indeed at the beginning of the score, but in this case, it is due to the mmrest.
Save selection works if the score include some mmrests. But it fails if the selection begins with a mmrest.
Basically, save a selection of a mmrest fails.

So, presently, to avoid this, you have to disable mmrests before saving the selection of the Treble II part first line.
Ie: Treble II no mm rests.mscz
And not: Treble II mmrest.mscz

Issue reported soon.

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