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• Feb 17, 2018 - 20:02

I have a question: I have composed nine pieces over a period of about a year. They are individual compositions although they are related. How can I combine these nine scores into one mscz file?

I noticed that selecting and copying score 2 and pasting it at the end of score 1 omits the tempo markings of score 2, and also omits the key signatures if these are different from score 1. Then I tried to do this with Album. I don't know the results yet of that as every time I wanted to join scores the program crashed.

All pieces have the same instruments but sometimes different key and time signatures.

Any ideas?

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Use the Album feature, see

The scores need the same number of instruments, with the same number of staves, and in the same order. And all the style settings are taken from the 1st score.
But then again, of your scores are relatively large, the combined score might be too large for MuseScore to handle without lagging quite badly

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Hello Jojo and Shoichi,

Thanks for your replies.

The attached files "File 1" and "File 2" are the original (test) scores. They have different key and time signatures, and also different tempo markings.
The file named "File 1 and 2 - insert section, copy and paste" shows the result of: inserting a section break in file 1, select all of file 2 and paste it at the end of file 2. The settings of file 2 are omitted (key, time, tempo), the settings of file 1 overrule the settings of file 2.

The file named "joined scores w Album method" shows the result of creating an album, add scores and join scores. This looks ok. Now, the 2 test files are very short. As I said last night, the program crashes. After testing the "join scores" just now with success, I again tried to combine/ join scores of 2 medium length scores. The program crashed again.

The insert section break method still necessitates adjusting key and time signatures and tempo markings which is quite a job if the files are long. The album join scores method seems the proper method, but unfortunately thew program crashes if joining multiple, and longer files.

Is there a solution for this?


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Ok, I attach the two problem files. Of the nine scores of the composition that I want to combine into 1 file, I have managed to join scores 2-9 (parts, first 7,8,9, then to that 6, then 4 and 5, then 2 and 3), and only part 1 I cannot join to the file that contains parts 2-9, also I cannot join part 1 to 2 (and 3). Every time I try to do that, the program crashes. Is it the size of the files that causes the problem?

If you want to have a look at all nine parts/ scores, let me know.

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Part 2.mscz 54.83 KB
Part 1.mscz 60.31 KB

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I apologise for the delay, I was out.
I opened Part 1, set the page size to A3 and Layout/Page settings/Scaling to 1,764mm in order to display the entire page;
I added a page break and section break from the palette;
Alt+Shift+B to hang some measures;
I opened Part 2, Ctrl+A to select everything;
Ctrl+C to copy, then on the previous score Ctrl+V to paste;
I selected the first measure (new section, 'Intermezzo')-> Add/Frames/Insert Vertical Frame to add the title.
Save as...
I hope I have been able to explain myself. If there are any problems, let us know

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I had a closer look at the file that you sent. At first I thought you had done it with the "album method", but it appears to be "insert section break, copy 2 and paste into 1". I noticed that key and time signatures as well as tempo are not from the second pasted file, they are omitted. So with Cadiz's suggestion to use page view, I tried again, and with the files in page view the join scores method works well.

Yes, depending on the size of each part, it takes up quite some PC resources, so to speak "on the brink of crash". The "all in one score" is not good for editing, all is slowed down. It is useful for exporting the one file to FLAC or MP3 so you don't have to combine individual FLAC/ MP3 files with a program like Audacity.

To all who contributed: thanks for your help/ suggestions/ insight!

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