Question about making one measure inviseble

• Feb 22, 2018 - 06:47

Look to the attached screenshot. Why can't i uncheck the visibility of this selected measure? its gray.

Philip Bergwerf

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You need at least two staves/instruments to can do that.
Eg add an instrument and, after, apply invisibility, in Instruments dialog ("I")
What is you goal exactly in your score by attempting to hide a measure?

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To make the lines of one measure invisible, and be able to modify the number of staff lines in certain measures, you need to create a score eg for 5 instruments.
One with 5 lines, another with 4 lines (you can change this in Staff Properties, as to set invisible staff lines) and so on.
Then, by Hide empty staves (in Style -> General) and by adding break lines for the layout, you should achieve what you want.
An example below, completely hypothetical, I do not know what is the content of your project.

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