Ledger lines don't move

• Feb 27, 2018 - 18:58

Please tell me why the ledger line stays in place when moving a note below the staff. I'm a newbie at this...can anyone help? Thanks


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I'm a bit concerned, though. Normally, it should virtually never be necessary to move a note. Generally, the situations in which you might feel the need to move a note really should be solved another way entirely, and then things would just work. In the sample score you posted I don't understand why you are moving the chord in measure 10 to the right. Is it because you are wanting to create space for a student to write something in there? That problem could be better solved by adding an invisible note there, and then the spacing takes care of itself. It's also not clear why all the extra clefs are in so many of the other measures, maybe you are trying to create room for a student to write a clef in here as well? In that case, why not add the clef yourself but mark it invisible? And so on.

Bottom line, if you explain what it is you are actually trying to do here - the reason you are trying to move the notes - chances are good we can show you how to achieve the desired results more simply and directly.

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Thank you for the reply. The reason I'm moving the notes is for spacing and balance. I'm preparing a chart of various chords and I want the bars to look similar. I received my answer which is to move the whole chord using the inspector...so I'm good to go, however since I'm new at this, it means a lot to have received so much help. Thank you Marc for your response. I'm sure I'll hit a few more more bumps as I go along...it's nice to know the help will be there!

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