File suddenly says "Corrupt" after editing - but appears OK on ignore

• Mar 4, 2018 - 18:11

For some reason Musescore now says a file I am working on is "Corrupt" with the dialog box screenshot'ed below. I have also snapped a screenshot of the offending measure. I don't see anything wrong with it (looks 4/4 to me), and I can still edit and save changes to the piece. Is there a way I can de-corrupt the file?

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I am attaching the score, after trying the "switch voices" suggestion of the recommended post (the other solutions do not apply) which did not fix it. I have successfully uncorrupted scores in the past, but maybe I am missing something with this one.

The score also has an instance of the "floating crescendo" problem (Bari sax, measure 84, obscured by the key signature), which I can usually tackle by dragging it back in place. This stinker has hidden itself quite nicely however. If that can't be fixed, I can live with it, the the file corruption problem in measure 99 is more of a disconcerting issue. From the dialog:

Measure 99 Staff 2 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 641/640
Measure 99 Staff 3 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 641/640
Measure 99 Staff 4 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 641/640
Measure 99 Staff 6 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 641/640
Measure 99 Staff 8 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 641/640

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Definitely something very weird in that measure (actually 98 as numbered) - notice how the eighths don't line up? Anyhow, probably easiest in this case is to delete the offending measures, insert new ones, and re-enter the notes.

The crescendo in the bari part is actually attached to the trumpet 1 part in measure 82 and then was dragged out of position all the way to the next page. Simply select that measure and press Ctrl+R to return it to its proper location.

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Thank you! That seemed to fix it (delete/insert), once I entered the replacement notes in the new (blank) measures, which I did one part at a time. Initially it did NOT work, because I tried to use the (almost identical) material in measures 94 and 95 by cutting and pasting. This is probably what caused the corruption in the first place. Then I noticed that some of the parts in measure 94 have two voices (some don't) where I use a second voice so I can insert the "Jump!" callouts. The rests for these measures in the second voice are invisible. I don't know if this is the cause of the corruption or not, but it might be a bug (to cut and paste multiple measures, with some containing two voices, into blank measures). Otherwise, there is something wrong with 94 and 95 (which does not generate the "corrupted" message on opening).

I don't know if this is related to the corruption or not, but I also noticed that starting in measure 50, if I look at the First Trumpet part (not score), it is 8va from the score. In the part, I lowered the notes one octave where they should be, but then in the score, they came up as 8vb from where they should be. I have a great first trumpet player, but I think he would shoot me if I asked him to play G 7 ledger lines above the staff :-).

I have reattached the "fixed" score that still shows the 8va problem and the 2nd voice measures at 94/95.

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Indeed, 94 shows the same corruption I mentioned previously - notice the eighths don't line up? Check the status line as you click notes and you'll see the time positions are way messed up, as if there were tuplets involved or something. Somehow MuseScore didn't detect this, but I'm afraid you'll need to do the same thing - remove those measures and re-enter them. Unless someone has a less drastic solution.

The trumpet problem doesn't start in measure 50 - the whole part is an octave too high (only in the part, not in the score). That's because in Staff Properties, the transposition is set to octave + second. Did this start out life as a tenor sax part maybe? Anyhow, just fix the transposition there.

EDIT: the particular corruption you are seeing here is not one that looks familiar. Invisible rests and multiple voices shouldn't cause problems in themselves, but deleted rests can, particularly in tuplets. Still not seeing how that might have come into play though. Anything else you can remember about how these measures were entered could be helpful.

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I am in the process of fixing, but a little light bulb went off when I read your edit. The original arrangement had one beat triplets in beat 1 and 3 of 94 and 98, and beat 1 of 95 and 99. At some point I simplified the arrangement due to the whining I received from the band. So at some point there were triplets in the arrangement, and were replaced by two eighth notes, as the arrangement has today. However, the corruption problem didn't manifest itself until we were adjusting the notes in the arrangement this past weekend (we arranged this many moons ago).

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OK, I think on to something, then. My guess is the corruption has been there a while but undetected (as is currently the case in measure 94) until you then tried copying and pasting. or otherwise messing with it further. Something about how you changed the eighths into triplets somehow triggered a problem in how these notes were represented. Hard to imagine what, but there definitely have been bugs leading to corruption in operations involving tuplets. The ones I know about don't seem like they would apply here, but no doubt there are others waiting to be discovered.

if you can come up with the exact sequence that would be awesome. But, depending on how many moons ago this was, maybe the bug has already been fixed, and the same steps wouldn't lead to problems today.

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