Inserting a note and the repeat sign

• Mar 10, 2018 - 22:53

I need to add a note between two existing ones but it won't let me do so. Also, how do I insert the repeat sign in the measure where I want it to go?


For the repeat sign, drag it from the palette to the measure where you want it. It will end up with the dots pointing toward the measure.

As far as putting a note between notes, it's easiest to just start where you want the note and enter them as usual if using the keyboard. If using the mouse, then it's better to delete the notes that will be replaced and start from that point. If there are a large number of notes, then cut and paste the existing notes to where you want them, and then put the new note in the space left.

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I tried dragging the repeat sign but it does not work. I am using a MAC, does that make a difference? I downloaded the MAC version but I cannot drag it. Also, the note feature will not allow me to start in a measure I have already completed-it bounces from one completed note to the other

It's not clear exactly what you mean about inserting a note. Literally adding it between two existing ones without changing anything else would leave you with too many beats in that measure. So I'm guessing you actually want to take the second note, and probably some unspecified number of other subsequent notes, and move them later in time to make room for the note you want to add. Since MuseScore has no way of guessing how many subsequent notes you want moved, you simply need to move them yourself. Select the notes you want moved (eg, click the first, shift+click the last), cut, add your new note, then click the location after it and paste.

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