Line spacing in parts

• Mar 15, 2018 - 00:56

When trying to make a part easier to read I want to put more space between the line (systems). ON A SCORE Using the breaks and spaces I was successful. On parts the same process doesn't seem to work. Does the same process work on parts? How ?
Loren Coe


While looking at a part you can increase the min and max system distance then use apply to all to make it change all parts. You can then adjust individual parts if you find it necessary. Breaks and Spacers only work on one part at a time.

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Thanks for the quick reply

I did the global adjustment on the score. I created parts .When viewing a drum part of a small ensemble, it needs more space between lines. I tried putting the down line in the middle of the staff - double clicked on the icon, got a box, tried to move by dragging - no results

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FWIW, the default value for minimum system distance is 8.5sp. Looks like at some point you changed it to 3.5sp in your score, and that setting was then inherited by all the parts. You just aren't seeing the bad effects of this anywhere else because the other parts are short enough to not fill the page so MuseScore is already stretching things out further to the maximum setting. The drum part is full enough that MuseScore is stretching to the bottom of the page but still not getting close to the maximum. By increasing the minimum as mentioned above, you are basically telling MuseScore to spread to another page.

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