VST Support?

• Mar 21, 2018 - 17:02

I would like to use the ARIA Player in Musescore, but it is NOT A SOUNDFONT. It is a VST, and was wondering if you could add VST Support. Thank you.


Direct VST support is way beyond the scope of what MuseScore is about, but you are welcome to load into your favorite DAW program can communicate with it via JACK, or starting in 2.2, the new direct MIDI output.

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MuseScore sends a MIDI signal - a command that says, "Play a G, with velocity 80, using a flute sound". It is up to the program that receives the command - the DAW command MuseScore is talking to via JACK - to provide the option to actually change what that flute sounds like. So you need to go to the forums for that other program you are using to learn how to changes sounds within it.

Out of curiosity, what library or libraries specifically are you wanting to be able to use ARIA player for?

Even though there is an option to use as a VST or AU plugin, ARIA actually uses SFZ soundfonts.

I too would like to have musescore to support VST, REWIRE and audio recording. Today these three belong to the arsenal of a good score editor, and fit well withing the profile of of how a score editor would and could be used. The idea that a score editor is a tool mainly or only for the purpose of making score sheets for performing musicians is too limited. Now days a good score editor is a general music composing and performing tool.

We ordinary users may have heard about something called jack but really we don't want or know how to set up esoteric systems. Then we can transfer midi files to a DAW of cause, but we can't jump back and forth with a setup of midi, audio, VSTi and FX.

There is an altenative solution of cause. The fluidsynth does a good job with soundfonts, but it is not enough. It is just a player, it is like prototyping music. Would it be nice to have some additional instruments? A sampler maybe, and a real synth, and a multichannel audio recorder, and some more effects.

It will be a big job to bring these into musescore. You may have to change or reprogram the whole play engine of the software and there will be issues with licenses too. But if you don't do this, the commercial score editors will pass musescore left and right.

This software is good but limited.

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