Overdrive guitar crackles and sounds unusually louder below Ab2

• Mar 24, 2018 - 05:06

I'm really sorry for bringing all these up now, especially since this is a long-standing bug (and also because release day is like 3 days away). But, as always, see the attachment. Yellow notes are within the guitar's range, red notes are outside of it. It's strange that even some notes inside the range are affected. Or maybe it's not.
Bug is present in both FluidR3 and General Musescore.

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Indeed I hear something, from the three last notes F#2/G2b, F2, E2, and below ousitde range with overdrive sound. Correct with distortion. Astonishing that this has not been noticed before since indeed this is present in all previous versions 2.x (and soundfont FluidR3, so)
Here I would not say "crackles": the notes are not distorted, or with a specific noise. The pitch is correct, but they are accompanied let say by a "tap".

I have fixed the extra-loud E2 sample for the upcoming 0.1.1 release of MuseScore_General. As far as the crackling, I am not hearing any in the sample. Does it go away if you turn down the synthesizer volume? (in View -> Synthesizer)

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