Note entry buttons in the toolbar sometimes don't reflect duration of notes with multiple voices

• Mar 30, 2018 - 21:31
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Steps to reproduce:
The double dot feature works for single notes or one voice at a time. For example if I select a quarter note and then double dot it, the notes or rests that remain in the measure are adjusted accordingly. This should also work in a staff with two (or more) voices.

Both selected notes in both voices get double dots and the rest of the measure is adjusted.

Nothing happens; the notes remain unchanged

Musescore 2.1



Status (old) active by design
Status active by design

This is not a bug but rather a design decision. It is impossible to select any two notes individually and change their durations. The same thing would happen in 4/4 time if you had 1/4 notes on beats 1 & 4 and tried to assign a dot or double dot to them. This prevents the user from selecting, for example ,a 1/4 note on each of beats 1 & 2 and making them longer. MuseScore doesn't check to see if changing the duration of a note will affect other notes before it decides to or not to apply dots or new durations of any kind to a note, it just won't do it. So you can neither shorten nor lengthen 2 notes selected individually. If you use shift+click to select a single chord you can change the entire chord duration as long as the chord is in one voice. This is the only way to change the duration of more than one note at a time.

Title Double dotting doesn't work for multiple voices at a time Note entry buttons in the toolbar sometimes don't reflect duration of notes with multiple voices
Status (old) by design active
Status by design active

Thanks for the explanation. However I believe this to be a bug owing to the fact that the buttons on the note entry toolbar don't behave as if this were a design feature.

For example say I have two quarter notes in two separate voices on one staff, as per above. If I select the two voices as above and then click the half note in the toolbar, for example, to change them from a quarter note, the half note remains selected as if the notes were truly changed, even though this isn't the case. The feature of not allowing multiple voices to change duration should mean that the note duration should also not change in the toolbar. That way this would alert the user that this operation is not permitted by design. I've therefore changed the title of this issue.