Certain Violin Technique

• Mar 31, 2018 - 04:58

Hey. I was just wondering: does anyone know what kind of violin technique this is? It sounds like a glissando, but the notes aren't connected. It's more like a pitch-bend, and it's playable on string instruments. It makes a really eerie noise. Here's a link from A Knife in the Dark from The Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Pay special attention to the violins in about measure 6 (4/4 time). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwIVs_F2kMo
Let me know what you think it is.


I don't know much about strings. But sounds like a glissando up with the bow rapidly switching between up and down strokes to re-articulate while sliding, but deliberately not caring about trying to re-articulate at any points of a standard western scale. Since the string gets re-articulated at arbitrary points, it sounds dissonant, hence the erie sound. I don't know the correct term to distinguish this from any other glissando.

I'm curious to learn what this is called too.

Alright, thanks guys! I've been inquiring about this for a long time now, and its finally answered. So, it's a glissando with a tremolo then? Wow. Howard Shore uses some pretty weird things in his music. XD

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