Silence at end of exported .mp3

• Mar 31, 2018 - 13:15

I noticed that there are some seconds of silence at the end of exported .mp3 files. I am converting .mscz files through the command line interface. Is there a parameter to influence this behaviour? Otherwise I can convert the files using sox or similar, but it would be simpler to do in one pass.


Musescore currently appends silence to exported mp3 audio files. In case someone comes across this, here is the command I used to 'trim' the end of the file:

sox input.mp3 output.mp3 reverse silence 1 0.1 0.5% reverse

To be clear, it isn't necessary "silence" that is being appended - it is time for the last note to decay. Also for the default reverb to finish. If you have turned off reverb in View / Synthesizer and your last note just happens to have no decay to it, then the result might be silence. But between the reverb and the possibility that your last note might include, for example, a cymbal crash, or a guitar strum, you will definitely appreciate that extra time!

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