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• Mar 31, 2018 - 21:01

Dear Sirs In my Musescore I had an exclusive palette of mine to put the signs of the Shinozaki method, I have these signals in my computer. With the reformatting of my computer and the reinstallation of the program Musescore I lost the exclusive palette mine. I would like some of the gentlemen who know the subject, could relate the steps to put this palette again in my musescore I am very grateful


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ear Mike320, I created the Shinozaki palette, I have a symbol table in .JPEG and I want to include these symbols in this palette. I have done this in the past, unfortunately I can not remember how I did it, but as my computer was reformatted I lost that palette in the reinstallation of musescore. Now I want to create this palette again because it is very useful for my work. I am not sure how to include the. symbols in the palette created. If you go Can you guide me? I'm very grateful.

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As above:
_To create a customizable workspace:
1. Select an existing workspace. Use the drop-down list at the bottom of the workspace panel if needed.
2. Click the + button, enter a name for the new workspace and press OK. The new workspace is added to the panel.

Once you have created a custom workspace (see above), and providing editing is enabled (see Palette menu below), you can customize the palettes within it to your own requirements.
To add an existing score element (such as a line, text, dynamic, fretboard diagram etc.) to a custom palette, press and hold Ctrl+Shift, then drag the symbol onto the palette. Symbols from the Master palette can also be added to a custom palette._

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