New version of my Violin SoundFont Released!!!!!

• Apr 1, 2018 - 00:13

Come check out my new Violin SoundFont that I created!

NOTE: I actually recorded these violin samples myself, and used 2 Velocity Layers for different dynamic changes! This SoundFont is also created under the CC0 License.

Presets Used: 1. Arianna's Violin (Bank 0: Preset 40)
2. Violin Fast (Bank 1: Preset 40)
3. Violin Slow (Bank 8: Preset 40)

Here's the link to download the SoundFont.

I hope we will use this in the next update of the MuseScore General SoundFont .sf2!!! If not, then we can use the VSCO 2 CE Solo Violin Samples instead, or maybe ldk1609's Violin Samples if possible.


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