Four 8th notes - how to beam them 2 & 2, rather than all 4?

• Apr 3, 2018 - 02:08

I have a piece in 4/4 and a few times there are four 8th notes in a row. MuseScore automatically beams all four together with one long beam. I would like them beamed two and two together.
I used the Beam Properties in the Pallette to break up the 4-beam so it is two individual 8th notes and 2 beamed together, but I cannot get the set of 2 beamed and 2 beamed.
Any suggestions?


Right click the time signature and go to properties. There you can adjust beaming if your notes to the time signature. This changes the default beaming of your time signature, but can be adjusted.
Hope this helps.

For the record, it does work to do this using Beam Properties as well. Start with everything set back to Auto. Then, simply select the eighth note on beat 2 and double-click the "Beam start" icon. This will break that beam there. Then do the same for beat 4.

But indeed, if you want this done consistently throughout the piece, it is much better to use Time Signature Properties.

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