Entangled Double Caesura

• Apr 6, 2018 - 07:27

I found this the other day. I'm not quite sure how or why this exists; it's already impossible to add any more than one caesura to a note. The only real annoying bit is that I can't simply delete the extra one without also deleting the one I want. The solution: delete both and add another back in. It's not particularly critical (especially being rather difficult to reproduce it), but I thought that I'd ask all them knowledge musescore peoples about the behavior here [I have attached a score with the caesura isolated]. All that I can think of is the tuplets and Measure Duration changes I was dealing with earlier. Those always seem to break things.
I'm using Musescore 2.0.3 for reference (3c7a69d, says the About dialog); have they fixed the zerberus yet by the way? I'd like to be able to use 2.1.0

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I don't get it, you just shoed that it indeed is possible to add more than one caesura. I don't quite understand though how you did it.
Current is MuseScore 2.2.1, not sure what you mean by whether Zerberus is fixed?

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Yes, I don't understand how I did it either- what I'm asking is how I did that (though I understand that you don't really have enough information; I'm just not sure what information to provide) and why it is possible. I'm also curious why deleting one deletes both.
Last time I checked, the current version had an issue with the zerberus where it caused popping sounds with a popular soundfont. I eventually stopped uninstalling / reinstalling musescore to check if it was fixed.

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The popping issue was fixed with 2.2, released a couple of weeks ago. So definitely update - you're by now missing hundreds of bug fixes.

Anyhow, while it might not be intended to be possible to add multiple pauses to a single note, I could imagine this happening accidentally if you added them to different notes then deleted the other notes, or changed their duration in a way that caused the pause to no longer have a clear "home".

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To confirm Marc's suspicion

Insert a Caesura on the last note of a measure, then after the first note of another measure
Delete first note of 2nd measure
select rest created and press ctrl+shift+delete (to force measure rest)

You now have 2 consecutive caesurae as in the picture

delete a caesura - the other caesura remains.

Concerning the caesura in the second measure: Changing the measure rest to another duration will either put the caesura where it belongs or after the first rest if the rest spans where the caesura belongs.

This is not the same as the double caesura initially reported.

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Ahh, fantastic! Glad to hear that I can update (I've done so). Strangely enough, the two caesurae that I had isolated from before the update have now decoupled and exist independently. However, the original caesurae from my real score remain inseparable (Copy&Paste only grabbed the first one, so I had saved it as a copy and deleted everything else).
Mike, I followed your steps and haven't encountered any doubles. I do think that it's worth noting that I didn't touch anything within two measures of the caesura--it started off as one, and then later, after editing a much earlier portion of the score (including Measure Duration changes to measures containing tuplets), it cloned behind the double barline. What I'm saying is that I don't think that I accidentally added another, I think that it got copied. I suppose that when I shortened the measure it dragged behind or the tuplet offset it somehow, or whatever. It doesn't matter anymore.
I don't really think that it's important. I was just giving the developers a minor bug to look at, but now it's no longer applicable, so we can just all drop the issue and move on with our lives.

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Clever, but you can still delete one without deleting both. OP states that they couldn´t delete just one caesura yet the mscz file (which is strangely very tiny) allows me to delete one. This seems to be a one-off issue with an older version of MuseScore. Anyway, you can add caesuras to empty measures so where is the mystery?

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Okay, so it seems to be related to parts. Make a new score (With a 4/4 time signature), create new parts for the instruments, and then turn a rest (Take your pick) into a dotted half rest (Leaving a quarter rest after it). Apply any Breaths & Pauses mark to this dotted rest and then drag yourself a 3/4 time signature to the measure. This mark then doubles. This doesn't happen if you don't have any parts.

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