Allow linked staves to be in different transpositions

• Apr 7, 2018 - 02:31

I'd like to be able to have three staffs, one in concert, one in Bb transposed, for unison horn line songs.

Would be nice if they could be set as separate instruments, so that they use the different soundfont, have the red notes display when out of range, and could be exported as separate parts too.


Would come handy for guitars too, whether currently have to force the octave transposing treble clef guitar to work with tablature by faking the string data into the wrong octave

. . . should be possible

1 use transposition (e.g. in Bb) in score
2 define two linked parts for the same instrument now

So you can set one part in concert pitch and the other transposed

Will work fine if one part is in concert pitch - even with different claves
-> but not if you need horns in Eb and F.

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