Batch Convert Plugin difficulty

• Apr 7, 2018 - 22:04

Hi: I downloaded the batch converter utility, then went to the plugin creator to run it (I thought loaded plugins used to just show up in the menu, but it's been some time since I used one). At any rate, when I attempted to run it, I got the following:

creating component failed
line 7: module "Qt.labs.settings" is not installed
line 6: module "Qt.labs.folderlistmodel" is not installed
line 7: module "Qt.labs.settings" is not installed
line 6: module "Qt.labs.folderlistmodel" is not installed

Obviously I need to locate and install several Qt components, but am not having any luck locating them, so I assume they're part of some larger library. I searched through synaptic but couldn't see anything that looked promising.

I'm using Linux Mint 18.3/Cinnamon and MuseScore 2.2.1. I looked at the qt web site, but I don't wish to install a complete development environment just for a macro and I'm betting that I'm missing something fundamental here.

Can anyone point me towards a solution?



After posting the message above, I started reading through the plugin's code and it looks as if it will no longer function with versions of MuseScore 2.0 and above.

If that's correct, I'll just say "Drat" and ask if there are any plans to rebuild it for 2.0 and above...

Thanks again ...

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In Linux Mint 18.3, it seems (I can't be sure) as if the components that need to be loaded are now called:
qml-module-qt-labs-folderlistmodel and qml-module-qt-labs-settings. At least those are the only things I can find in Synaptic with similar names.

I installed these, and tried various changes to the import lines (including various cases and fiddling with the version numbers which, in Ubuntu/Mint seem to be 5.5.x), but without any success.

Is there any more detailed information somewhere? Is there any issue with using 64 bit Mint (I found a comment on the hardly-ever-reliable web that MuseScore is a 32 bit app, which I don't believe is correct).

Is there a specific site where the specific modules can be downloaded? The version numbers specified in the include lines seem quite different than what I've located.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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As far as I could tell from trolling the internet, the plugin just won't work outside Windows. So for batch processing under Linux, I found that the following works well:

Assuming you wish to have MuseScore convert all files of a certain type in a single directory to another type (e.g. to generate pdfs), enter the following in a terminal (usually opened with RCtrl+RAlt+t) and cd to the directory in question.

Copy the following:
for filename in *.mid; do
mscore $filename -o $(basename "$filename" .mid).flac

In this example I was converting all of the midi files (*.mid) in the directory to flac files, but simply changing the extensions to whatever is necessary (and supported by MuseScore) will do the trick.

$filename is set for each pass of the loop through all the .mid files. Note that this generates new files, and doesn't overwrite the originals. This also assumes that you are ok using the same settings to convert each file.

(basename "$filename" .mid) removes the extension .mid, which is then concatenated with .flac to set the output file name.

This could easily be extended to make a shell script, and possibly even to adding command line parameters for From_Type and To_Type to make it more generic.

I hope this helps other Linux MuseScore users who might need to do batch processing.

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